Violet Riot

Identity system for the apparel brand that blends activewear with high-end fashion

Violet Riot was founded by Feng from Quest Crew, America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3 Champions and Emmy Winner for Outstanding Choreography. As an active dancer and purveyor of fashion, he wanted garments that work well both on and off the dance floor. But that didn’t exist in the marketplace, so instead of waiting for something new to show up, he decided to make it happen himself.

We designed the custom typeface for the workmark. The geometric shapes provide structure and sway away from the generic italic and bold typeface of activewear brands.

Full wordmark

Abbrev. logo

For the abbreviation logo, we have a single line shared between “V” & “R”. It represents the cross over between the world of activewear and fashion. The logo can easily be used as a divider to showcase two sides of the product, such as lookbook vs material used, or studio shot vs outdoor shot.

We continue to play with the lines and slants of the logo to create patterns.

Brand pattern use case 1

Brand pattern use case 2

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