Branding for the world's first stick & shoot camera

Had the pleasure of working with the founding team of Podo to craft the brand for the world’s first stick and shoot camera. The positioning was important. This was not meant to replace action cameras, but sprouting a new category for the casual day-to-day hobbyists and creatives.



We designed a palette matrix for a series of color combinations.

We wanted the brand to feel fun, inviting, helpful, and friendly. So besides using a more vibrant palette, we designed a playful mascot. Not only does it put a humanistic touch to the hardware, it also helps build more personality to the brand.

The reach of the brand didn’t stop here. We continued to build out posters, stationary items, and personalized business cards for Podo.



Podo can virtually stick to any surface, so we designed 4 sets of business card that helps illustrate its flexibility by having different textured background.

Each member also got to choose their custom mascot utilizing the palette matrix

We also had the opportunity to inject the same personality into the product photography.

The mascot turned into one of the focal points of the brand, so we extended its presence to the website and packaging.

Podo has had multiple successful campaigns through the crowd-funding platforms, with more than $1+ million raised to date.

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