Matt Steffanina

Rebrand for the world renown dancer, choreographer, and entrepreneur.


Matt has established his presence globally as a remarkable dancer, choreographer, and entrepreneur. With more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s one of the most prolific dancers in the industry with credits include So You Think You Can Dance, The Ellen Show, Step Up, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Krewella, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and more. In 2016, he won The Amazing Race transforming him from a well-known choreographer to an international superstar.

We aim to craft a striking brand to truly reflect his professionalism across the board.


The previous site looked dated with scattered info and distracting palette.
Besides injecting a modern and sophisticated design layout for the site, we wanted to clean up and optimize the current content—omit the excess and refine the essentials.



Identity System
There was no established system with his previous brand. And a good site is not complete without a good visual identity system.
As redesigned the site, we wanted to develop a cohesive brand that extends his persona from his site, social media content, online courses to his business cards, and tangible merchandise.
We wanted a uniformed design language that’s recognizable around his establishments.

Previous Website

Identity System

It always starts with pen on paper. We want a brand mark that’s distinctive, compact, and adaptive to Matt’s various roles. While he’s prominently known as a dancer, we don’t want to constraint the logo with the fixated “dance” elements. The logo should be clean and compact, suitable for merchandise, yet intricate and distinctive.

The final mark is the result of over 100 sketches.


Before / After

The Pillar blends both modern and traditional aesthetics into one. While the pillars that form the “M” are sharp and clean, the “S” introduce the elegant san-serif elements to this mark. The space in between the pillars can be used as a window to highlight and showcase. This one’s my personal favorite of the four.


Color Coded

Once we settled on the brand palette, we want to implement the colors by assigning different content with a respective color—making it easier for viewers to identify the type of content at a glance. 




Avatar / Watermark


The work didn’t stop there. Part of the fun of building a brand is to stretch the imagination and try new ideas with the identity. Below are a series of experimental applications utilizing Matt’s new identity system.


Besides injecting a modern and sophisticated design layout for the site, we wanted to clean up and optimize the current content—omit the excess and refine the essentials. Here are some side by side comparison between few key areas of the website.


We streamlined the content and highlight the key areas of the site—videos. We also trimmed the menu from nine items to four to provide the viewer a leaner and more concentrated web experience. 



Bio Page




The clean design language is especially important here at the videos page. The thumbnails paint a lively collage and any additional visual elements here would feel distracting. So we went with a solid black background to leave breathing room for the vids.




The approach is the same here—keep only the necessities and make it easy for the audience to follow Matt via various social media outlets without overwhelming them with content.



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