Visual system for the insider event on startup growth hosted by Maven Ventures

Maven Ventures is the first incubator and seed venture fund focused exclusively on consumer software and mobile startups with hyper-growth potential. They’ve collaborated with promising companies such as AngelList, Cruise and Wealthfront.


We had the pleasure of working with Maven Ventures to debut its retreat on startup growth.


The insider event includes high caliber speakers and aspiring entrepreneurs and growth hackers alike. We aim to develop a distinctive and complementary visual system that highlights the event while providing clear elements to navigate the attendees.

Event Logo


Initial stage

We start out by mind dumping all the ideas onto paper. This stage is critical for discovering new ideas and directions. More often than not, the final approach is far from the initial sketches.


It wasn’t pretty, and it was not meant to be.  The goal was to put down as many ideas as we could.


The Arrow

We want to revolve the logo and brand around growth, which can be visually expressed in a number of ways.

We ended up choosing the clean and direct symbol—the arrow.


After we’ve crafted the logo for the event, we had to expand the system onto the event signage.

We continue to work with the prominent arrow symbol. We also developed a series of icons that can be implemented on the posters and notifications.

Event Icons





From Signs to Event Program

One of the challenges from designing the event program was optimizing the layout to include all the necessary content. This includes choosing the ideal font size and positioning the content without comprising on the flow and legibility.

Event Badge

Besides designing the posters and signs, it was fun to continue the brand aesthetic onto smaller items such as the event badges.


Presentation Template

Implementing the aesthetics from tangible items to digital.



1. Sponsors 2. Registration 3. Happy Hours 4. Podium 5-8. Breakout Rooms 9. Coat Check 10. Speaker Ready Room 11. Presentation 12-13. Program pages 14-15. Event badge

“Benson at Imaginary Zebra Design was a pleasure to work with. All of our signage, badges, and programs were on brand and created a polished, professional look for our inaugural Hypergrowth Retreat.”


– Robert Ravanshenas, Marketing and Operations Manager of Maven Ventures

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