Empty Duck Digital

Visual system for a visual wrecking crew of creative misfits

Empty Duck Digital produce a wide spectrum of videos from highlight reels to feature documentaries with clients from bands, athletes, to corporations.  It’s important for us to create a mark that would be suitable across the various genre they offer. The duck was a concept that Josh, the executive producer, had back in college. He decided to bring it back as he pursue his passion (one of many) and begin to start a video production business of his own.

We always start by putting pen on paper.

Then, we refine the details. From the shape and proportion of the duck to the structure of the door and camera.


Logo structure

We implemented the visual system onto business cards and other stationary items.



Once we finalized the visual identity system, we started building the digital elements for the brand. This included email signatures and the full fledge website.

“I always knew if I needed someone to create a wholesale branding image for me, I’d go to them (Imaginary Zebra) first. They took my idea, fleshed out three different concepts (that were all fantastic) and weren’t afraid to tell me when something I thought would work wouldn’t. “


-Josh Rottman, Executive Producer of Empty Duck Digital

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