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Camera goes SNAP

Snap. Snap. Snap. Photos fresh out of the memory cards. Check them out here.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spread the Zeeb. Support the Zeeb. Thanks to Lavish Livez for shouting out.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Help NeededI need some help and advises here from you readers/photographers/kind hearted folks.I've been using the Canon powershot for a...

TIZ photoshooooot

For TIZ's winter line, we'll have Rolo(dunksrnice) the sneaker customizer, Mitch from Supreme Soul, and Mindy(Rockthesole) the shoe fanatic to express the imaginations.We went to way too many spots today for the perfect shots. Stay Tune. Stay Open Minded.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's a brief intro to the sexies:Dunksrnice....

Present + Grip Tape Tutortial

Finally gotten a chance to review the presents i received this x'mas '08.Other than red envelopes(just incase you've forgotten, I'm Chinese), my gifts are pretty bomb.Founders at Work - A series of interviews with the big time founders can view them right below this,...

Out. Now.

All the shirts available now.Click here to enter the shop.The winter line '08 present you 3 new designs.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------First 50 shoppers will receive the limited TIZ buttons.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spread the Zeeb. Support the Zeeb. Paulo Llanes from Daly City.-Bensonhttp://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

In less than 24 hours

A few close ups."想像,斑馬" "想,像斑馬"One of the knots for the scarf is actually a Zeeb face!Totem guy rocking the Zeeb chain.Woodgrain's the shxt. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Zeeb.Steven Dinh from Washington.Amheil Laxamana from San Francisco.Found out about TIZ from chamber 23 of the 36 chambers of shaolin. Hot...

Seize. 16.

It's a game. Game have rules. Here are the rules:(Varies throughout the endless cycle)1. If you were tagged, write 16 facts, which hopefully no one knows, about yourself.2. Tag 16 other people, including the one(s) that tagged you.3. To make things more interesting, make up...

Merry X’mas

Woooot.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------For the Winter:Have a lovely X'mas.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quater's about to start, for you Aggies, check out "" for great deals on textbooks.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bensonhttp://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

Gifts for the first 50 TIZ shoppers

The Winter TIZ line will be dropping on the 28th of December.That is 5 days from now. And to celebrate late X'mas and early New Years, TIZ will be giving these pins(1 of each) for the first 50 shoppers starting from 12/28/08. Each pin will...

Online Map

that locates most if not all the images provided by you zeebs.It is now up. Go ahead and click the zeebs on the front page when you first enter.Go ahead and send us your support for TIZ.