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Karaoke Competitions. I've been to a couple of them, but never gotten the time to post an entry to these. First off, mad props to the coordinators and the hosts that carried out the show. Very well done.First one: UC Davis CSATheir program.The officers that...

Spring 2009

Just days before Valentines day, I've gotten quite a few submissions already.Got a picture of you and your love one?EVERYONE can participate, just send over a picture!TIZ will make all submissions into a collage and post it on the day after vday.Send the photo to:...

The Zeeb Movement. Vday attack!

Got a picture of you and your sweetheart? Or just proud to Rock the limited vday shirt?Send TIZ a picture to TheImaginaryZebra@gmail.comTIZ will gather all the submissions and post the collage on Valentine's day the day AFTER vday, since I realize most of you will...


Actually, sorry about the lack of updates.School's showing no mercy like a fat kid with chocolate cakes.To do list:Mortgage Case for Personal FinanceDiet Project for NutritionBusiness decision making analysis homework1000 words instruction for Technical Report Writing and Communication.Here's a look of my 13-page instruction:And there's...

Front Page

has been changed.For those who only read through RSS feeds.Yup, and I know what you're saying.."Hey, that's a lot of myspace windows."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Most of you probably weren't here since day 1. Here's a chance to check out the previous versions of the TIZ webpage. The opening.The...


Billy's latest comic.For you aggies.-Bensonhttp://www.theimaginaryzebra.com


Got a package today from Anthony LoganGuess what? A shipment of the limited Tee from the SD team.It was a collaboration TIZ did with Solediction for their 1st year anniversary. Woot.Best of luck, SD.Shouts to Solediction.-Bensonhttp://www.theimaginaryzebra.com


Drafts.More drafts.A logo I made for the company Numburn. The company has just took off with great potential.What's the company about? Nothing I can tell you yet, but it'll be good. Though, you can probably imagine by its name.Here it is, the final work:-Bensonhttp://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

FILAH like it’s hot.

I was invited to guest-speak at the Visual Communication Panel hosted by FILAH (Filipino's in Liberal Arts & Humanities). There were 3 panelists, including me. However, Tiffany from Vent Magazine had to undergo through some reconstructions and wasn't able to make it. That'd left...