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Window 7 Launch Event

Registered this event about 2 months ago. Why? Because by the end of the day, you'd get a FREE copy of the latest Windows OS - Window 7.After taking my midterm this morning, it was off to SF we go.Other attendees.The launch event was at...

New camera?!

Weigh less than 2 lbs. 200 times more durable. and takes no pictures.It was a prop we made for the fashion show. (Official video coming soon.)Here are the peeps that contributed to the making of this project:With special appearance of:The night started early.We used Jim's...

Fashionably Live Rehearsal pt.2

just 48 more hours till the show, since around 8 hours ago.People started to show up.Nesquik & Raskeezy. They got magic powers.Jen SikJulian HoiJobu CordobaNothing's tougher than rocking a mini-size old-school Dragon Ball shirt on the set. with Nestor. And having the name - Jobu.Free...

-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website...

Zeeb of the..while

We got Shawn Luis. -Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

TIZ x Halloween Pre-order exclusive T

OG Mummy for this upcoming Halloween.You've got less than 5 days, as of 10/11/09, to get a hold of this limited T. It will NOT be available in shop after this period for regular purchases.OG Mummy.Back logo was crafted for the occasion.Available in both men...

10/18/09 Fashionably Live

At Center Court,3600 N Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA.10/18/09. Door open at 8, show starts at 930.-Photo courtesy by Nesquik!It'll be fun.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

J-Rockit/Andri Photographic Journey Exhibit

Went to Andri's exhibition at Beatnik gallery/studio. Jrockit also threw in a performance with his crew. Fun times.Photographer of the day:First arrivalYup, the tabling project was first displayed at this event.A series of photographs taking through out Indonesia, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India.Amazing photos...

Halloween 09 Limited Tee

Coming soon.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

Sky Wall paper

For those who requested it.1280x800. 1024x768. 1280x960. 1920x1080.Till next time-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website