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Dream like you mean it – Wall project

I got this blank wall in my room. It needed to be different. And that was the motive of this project.So I went around ACE and some nearby convenient stores only to realize they aren't that convenient when it comes to black masking tapes.So I...

Sorry. Thanks. Road Rage Reduction Project

..that if we all carry a sign behind our car that allow us to be more polite and sincere during one of those "merges/cuts" in front of other cars, it can significantly reduce road rage.It made sense, so we went for it.Cody's the man who...

New Goodie for inspiration

It's finally arrived. (Ordered this item on Oct. 9th.) And I thought I was a slow shipper.I don't recall this packaging last time I ordered a book from Amazon. Very nicely done, the book was secured in 1 piece of flat cardboard.Anyway, here it is.I'm...

Japan – Global House Design Process

Melanie, a friend of mine from high school, is studying abroad in Japan right now. (NICE!)She lives in the dorm that's known as the "Global House", in which resides the most diverse group of foreign and exchange students from all over the world.They make tshirts...


Too many things to do and too little time, if only I had 29 hours a day.Midterm in 50 minutes, wish me luck.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

Halloween Exclusive Lookbook

All pre-ordered Halloween shirts have been shipped out last Saturday(10/24/09).The lookbook's out now. The shirt is no longer available, sorry.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

BIG breakfast

The most important meal of the day! in which I haven't had breakfast since summer, when I used to wake up around 7 because of jet lags.It was Jim's healthy idea. The day started early..for a Saturday.Why hello, grumpy Jim.I call this "Lightheaded."Ingredients for a...

Surprise from TIZ?

It's getting cold. Test run, perhaps?-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

When will the Halloween shirts be shipped?

For those who pre-ordered, the shirts will be shipped this Saturday (10/24/09)Keep up the opened mind & have a great Halloween,Benson-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

SFA design process

I'm forever grateful for Student Fashion Association. Nope, I still don't know the basics of making a dress, but I did throw my very 1st fashion show through their invitation:Thanks Polina, Amy, and Ashley for all the opportunities!Back to the design:I was asked to design...