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Blog Layout Reconstruction V3

Yes, yet another renovation of the blog layout.But not because I don't like the previous one. In fact, the one before was definitely more complex and flamboyant, however, it bugs me that it doesn't quite fit with the rest of the TIZ web pages.I made...

Day Trip to..A lot of places

Vacaville, San Francisco, and San Jose. That's 3 distant locations, 1 whole day, and half of a tank.To celebrate the 3-day weekend, we cramped all the good places into one. After a nutritious meal of McDonald, we took off - from Davis.Michelle's dad's bday was...

Help Me Decide on…

Your vote counts.Help me decide on the new name for my new web project.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

Nexus One unboxing

Tony decided to keep it. So, let's have a look at this new Google phone.Right off the bat, the design of the case is simple with a hit of the primary colors. I'm a big packaging guy, this hits the spot.I happened to have an...

Remaking of Brand Alphabets – Street/Culture of Today

I've seen a bunch of brand alphabets lately. But soon find that not all the letters are relative to who we are today. I decided to remake the poster.The "planing out" process.Finding a specific letter that illustrates a brand was a fun, but difficult, procedure.A...

Nexus One – Latest Google Phone

Tony was over at the Crunchies Awards, an annual competition for the most innovative and profound startups of the year, last Friday. Google was there, also - scouting for new ideas and potential candidates for their ever so great ideas, perhaps.The Googlers went with 10...

Poster Featured on iloveyourTshirt

Folks at i featured TIZ's street brand alphabet poster, too!AMAZING.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

Poster Featured on The Awesomer!

Woot, the poster was featured on The Awesomer, where AWESOME stuff would be posted daily, check it out. HA.They've got plenty cool gadgets.-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

Recipe for the Lego Burger

Dear Readers,Enjoy this mouth watery recipe for the new year of 2010.Bon Appetit-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website