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Series II Lookbook!

All imaginations available 05/05/2010 11:59 PM. That's in..Mark Your Calendar! -Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

APCN x The Imaginary Zebra Show Recap

Just last week, we were invited to show case our upcoming series at the annual Asian Pacific Culture Night(APCN) - one of the events for the Asian Pacific Culture Week. Due to DDR, one of the most epic dance event in Davis, most performers weren't...

Series II – Release Date Announcement

TIZ's latest imagination will be released on the end of cinco de mayo.Series II will be released in: -Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

Lens set + New camera bag

Here's the basic gear I bring with me for trips. By basic, I mean everything I got.Recently received a 75-300mm zoom as a bday gift (thanks, guys!) With a couple of lenses loaned to me by my uncle plus a tripod, I usually spend more...

Picnic Day ..that involves picnic

It's been one hell of a week. Time to absorb some good ol' vitamin D and enjoy the carefree moments. Breaks are important.  Friends decided to all come about doing a little BBQ/picnic at a nearby park.Refreshing. Taiwanese beer, available at your close by Ranch...

Picnic Day 2010

Though called picnic day, it's no picnic. People worked hard over long hours to host parties to get as many people drunk on the quad as possible. Making it one of Davis' biggest events. Welcome to college, kids.The day started not so early.Good thing we...

Happy Birthday, Allen

My brother just turned 17 earlier this week. Wooot. Friends dropped by and had a vid game frenzy, good times. Look how happy mom was. 1 more year of high school, then it's off to college. Good luck, bro. Of course, the professionalism.Happy 17th. -Benson||...


Appreciation for all of you that supported The Imaginary Zebra.There's no way that we'd come this far without you guys. Enjoy the sale.Mark your calendar. Have a great one!-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website

My first triathlon experience.

Just had my first triathlon this morning. killer.Invited by Brian, my friends and I decided to give it a go while we still can. (I'm sure once we find a job, start spending majority of our day not exercising, and begin to develop flabs, we...