Imaginary Zebra | A creative lab
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Imaginary Zebra is a creative studio.

Scroll down to see some of our work
3 Million Monthly Readers
Branding for the online magazine that covers Asian-focused business, tech and culture
Insider event for hypergrowth startups
Event branding for the first incubator and seed venture fund focused exclusively on consumer software and mobile startups.
$1+million raised on Kickstarter
Branding for the world’s first stick and shoot camera
Violet Riot
When activewear meets high fashion
Visual identity for the apparel brand that blends flexibilty with fashion
Grain NYC
Subtle and unobtrusive
New York based Boutique digital agency
CCoach Santos
Coach Santos
Case study coming soon
Former paratrooper turn elite performance coach
Empty Duck Digital
A visual wrecking crew of creative misfits
Baltimore based multimedia creative studio
MMelly Lee
Melly Lee
Case study coming soon
Los Angeles based lifesyle photographer
World’s first lens pillow
Marketing, product, to packaging for the world’s first lens pillows
Work Hard Anywhere
World’s largest directory of remote workspaces
Holistic design for the productivity tool that helps remote workers around the world.
Case study coming soon
Restaurant recommendation and referral app
CCathy Li
Cathy Li
Case study coming soon
California based lifestyle photographer
RRiutta Images
Riutta Images
Case study coming soon
Michigan based photographer
BBeSeen Magazine
Be Seen Mag
Case study coming soon
Online publication on noteworthy gadgets
MMy Fresh Bite
My Fresh Bite
Case study coming soon
Online Fitness and diet publication
BBenny Luo
Benny Luo
Case study coming soon
Serial Entreprenuer and Los Angeles based Internet marketer
BB & M
B & M
Case study coming soon
Wedding logo for Benson & Michelle
NNew Triumph Education
Case study coming soon
Taiwan based english language education organization
IIlha Formosa
Ilha Formosa
Case study coming soon
Taipei based story driven apparel brand
Case study coming soon
Santa Monica based event venue
BBurgundy Suite
Burgundy Suite
Case study coming soon
Silicon Valley-based record label & media studio
CCrafts Creamery
Crafts Creamery
Case study coming soon
Customizable liquid nytrogen ice cream
Zeeb Labs
Custom made characters for the diehard fans
Provided solution from e-commerce website to products
EEden Wu
Eden Wu
Case study coming soon
Hong Kong based travel and landscape photographer
Case study coming soon
The ice cream shop since 1950
Zoozie LA
Case study coming soon
Los Angeles based Online women’s fashion brand
WWe Levitate
We Levitate
Case study coming soon
A social movement of all levitated things
DDerek Hui Photography
Derek Hui
Case study coming soon
Toronto Fineart & Wedding Photographer
RRushmore Playground
Rushmore Playground
Case study coming soon
New York based film production company
LLens Turtle
Lens Turtle
Case study coming soon
Online lens and glasses retailer